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The Student Multicultural Resource Center will open its doors in August 2016. As the student population has become more diverse and the increased enrollment reflects this diversity at SIU Carbondale, the Student Multicultural Resource Center serves as a catalyst for inclusion, diversity and innovation. We look to foster an environment where all campus members are respected and welcomed. As the Center continues its work, we are here to ensure that you think, grow and succeed. We welcome you and invite you to explore our website. We encourage you to stop by the Center, located in Grinnell Commons, to see the resources available and discover ways you can get involved on the campus. Come visit us.


Upcoming Events

  • Black History Month - Feburary 
  • Womens History Month - March
  • Asian American Heritage Month - April
  • Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month - September and October
  • LGBTQ History Month - October
  • Native American Heritage Month - November

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Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month

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