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Sisters Interacting Successfully: Living Learning Community

Sisters Interacting Successfully envisions a culture of unity for African American women that will help them develop positive social skills and increase self-worth while embodying the spirit of “Lifting as We Climb.”

The program works in collaboration with the Black Resource Center, has six primary objectives for African American women students:
• Promote unity among African American women students throughout campus.
• Improve communication networks among African American women students.
• Showcase professional opportunities to African American women students.
• Create positive environments for African American women students to interact with one another.
• Connect African American women  students to available resources within the Black Resource Center.
• Identify issues and needs of African American students on campus.


SIS will also include successful African American SIU women students as mentors. Mentors, comprised of upperclassmen, will work with the incoming students and offer supportive information and resources to help them succeed in the academic environment.

SIS is designed to promote educational achievement. The Black Resource Center cares about students’ welfare and we want to make sure that they succeed not only in the classroom, but also have the tools to match their ambition to succeed. The program’s framework will include:
• Collaborative programs with other units on campus
• Cultural events
• Guest speakers
• Valuable resources
• Workshops

 If you would like more information about the Sisters Interacting Successfully Living Learning Community, Please contact the Black Resource Center at 618-453-3470.

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