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We promote an environment of collaboration with the entire SIU campus to educate, affirm, evaluate and advocate for excellence and inclusivity in all areas. We support student success in learning and development while nurturing an institutional climate of social justice and equity. 


Director: Todd Bryson. tsb32@siu.edu

Assistant Director: Lanel Love, Ph.D. llove2@siu.edu 

Hispanic/Latino Resource Center Coordinator: Cristina Castillo, cristina.castillo@siu.edu

LGBTQ Resource Center Coordinator: Vernon Cooper, vernon.cooper@siu.edu

Women's Resource Center Graduate Assistant Coordinator: Samantha Patterson, patterson.samantha@siu.edu

Contact Us

To contact the Student Multicultural Resource Center please call 453-3740.  

To contact the Black Resource Center please call 453-3470 or llove2@siu.edu.

To contact the Hispanic/Latino Resource Center please call 453-2126 or email hispanicresourcecenter@siu.edu.

To contact the LGBTQ Resource Center please call 453-5627 or email lgbtq@siu.edu.

To contact the Women's Resource Center please call 453-4281 or email wrc@siu.edu.