ADEI Leadership Certificate

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The purpose of the Leading for Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Certificate is to actively engage students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of diverse perspectives, histories, and voices. Participants will learn how patterns of perception, logic, thought, speech, behavior, and organizational structures influence racial equity in America and globally. Students who complete this certificate will enhance their capacity to lead and work towards advancing antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and classroom.

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How do I earn the certificate?

  • Students participate in a minimum of five events (per year) during their academic career. The certificate consists of 5 modules. Students must complete at least one topic per module which represents on clock hour.
  • Successful completion of the Certificate requires 40 total clock hours of certified engagement and/or professional development (i.e. heritage and history month events, ADEI trainings, safe zone training, approved college and departmental events). 
  • The Certificate consists of five modules, with each topic representing one hour. 
  • Students must complete one assessment prior to graduation. Assessments include any of the following: Hollaback Bystander Intervention Training, Safe Colleges Bias Awareness, Implicit Bias Training, Intercultural Development Inventory, Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory, Myer Briggs Leadership, Clifton Strengths finder and DISC Assessment).

What is considered a clock hour?

  • One certified program or event.

How do I know if a program is certified?

  • Look for the ADEI System logo on the flyer or check our website. 

How does the ADEI Leadership Certificate benefit me?

  • Prepares you to lead in college and beyond.
  • Prepares students to work collaboratively with peers and colleagues.  
  • You gain a learning community of peers who have shared experiences throughout the process.
  • Improves self-awareness. 
  • You earn a certificate from the SIU System which adds to your professional profile.