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Not all students can afford to take out large loans or come up with a way to finance their education. Which is why we have provided this page to help students get a better grasp of how many scholarhips there are to apply to. 

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CUPULA – Latino
Colombianos Unidos Para Una Labor Activa (CUPULA) is an organization that offers $500 scholarships to Latino students who meet scholarship eligibility criteria.
• Must be of Hispanic/Latino origin
• Must have a GPA (Grade Point Average) of a 2.5/4.0 scale
• Must be accepted or enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited institution of higher education
Contact: Carmenza Millan, 3439 N. Harlem Ave., Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 205-2798
The Jesus Guadalupe Foundation Scholarship
The mission of the Jesus Guadalupe Foundation is to provide college scholarships for Latino high school students who are graduates or will be graduates of Illinois high schools or GED programs
• Must be graduates of a high school (or GED program) located in Illinois
• Must be of Hispanic/Latino descent
• Must have a minimum high school GPA 3.0/4.0 scale or a 4.0/5.0 scale
• Must be enrolled as first semester freshman in a baccalaureate degree granting college or university
• Must be registered as full time students during the fall semester and the spring semester
Contact: Roberto Ramirez, the Jesus Guadalupe Foundation, 30W260 Butterfield Rd., Suite 207,
Warrenville, IL 60555, Roberto Ramirez- (630) 836-9027
LULAC National Scholarship Fund
This program is cosponsored by some 70 LULAC Councils who raise scholarship funds at the grass roots level which are matched nationally by sponsoring corporations. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), has considered education its number one priority since it was established in 1929. As part of LULAC’s education efforts, the LULAC National Scholarship Fund (LNSF) was established in 1975 to provide scholarships to Hispanic students attending colleges and universities. Under the LNSF program, local LULAC Councils, in partnership with local and national businesses, award scholarships to students in their communities. LNSF is administered by the LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc., a non-profit educational organization established by LULAC to provide educational programs for
Hispanics and other youth.


National Association of Hispanic Nurses
The National Hispanic Nurses Association offers one-year scholarships to outstanding specific nursing
students who are enrolled in a nursing program.
• Must demonstrate academic excellence (a minimum 3.0 GPA is preferred)
• Must exhibit potential for leadership in nursing
• Must demonstrate financial need
• Must be a member of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses
Contact: National Association of Hispanic Nurses, 1501 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington DC 20036,
(202) 387-2477,
Ronald McDonald House RMHC/HACER Scholarship Program
The RMHC/HACER Scholarship Program seeks to address ongoing concerns over Hispanic students' low
high school graduation and college participation rates by providing $1,000 scholarships to high school
seniors in various communities.
• Must have at least one parent of Hispanic/Latino origin
• Must be eligible to enroll in and attend a two-year or four-year college with a full course of study in the United States and reside in a participating area
• Must demonstrate academic achievement, financial need, community nvolvement and personal qualities and strengths
• Must enroll in and attend an accredited institution in the academic year after their selection and provide verification of enrollment
ACS Scholars Program
ACS Scholars Program and Co-Sponsored Programs have renewable and non-renewable scholarships
awarded on the basis of merit, and financial need. Students must be interested in careers in specific fields
to be award recipients.
• Must be African-American, Hispanic/Latino, or American Indian
• Must be an U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
• Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student or high school senior planning to enroll, in a fulltime program of studies leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical, engineering, or other chemically-related fields
• Must be a full-time student at an accredited college, university, or community college at time award is received
• Must be high academic achievers in chemistry or science (GPA of 3.0 or better)
• Must be able to verify financial need
Contact: American Chemical Society Scholars Program, Department of Diversity Programs, 16th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, (202) 872-6250.
AICPA Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students
The AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students is available only to full-time undergraduate and
graduate students at regionally accredited institutions. Awards are granted primarily based on merit with
financial need evaluated as a secondary criterion.
• Must have declared an accounting major and have an overall and accounting grade point average of at least 3.3/4.0
• Must be a minority student (African American, Hispanic/Latino American or Native American)) who has satisfactorily completed at least 30 semester hours (6 of which must be in accounting)
• Must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student
Contact: Daniel B. Hobson, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, (212) 596-6227
ASM Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowship
The American Society for Microbiology Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (MURF) is
aimed at highly competitive minority undergraduate students who wish to, and have demonstrated the
ability to pursue graduate careers (Ph.D. or MD/PhD.) in microbiology. Students will have the opportunity
to conduct full time summer research with an ASM member and present research results at the 2004 ASM
General Meeting.
• Must be a minority student (African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino American or Native American)
• Must participate in an undergraduate summer research program in any U.S. institution other than their own
• Must conduct a research project for a minimum of 8 weeks beginning in the summer
• Must work with a faculty mentor who is an ASM member
• Must submit a research abstract to ASM for presentation at the 2004 ASM General Meeting
Contact: ASM Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Education Board, American Society for
Microbiology, 1752 N. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 942-9283,, e-mail:
AT&T Undergraduate Research Program
AT&T provides 3rd year minority and/or female students with the opportunity to be a part of a scientific
team in a leading industrial laboratory.
• Must have demonstrated interest in Communications Sciences, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Science, Mathematics, Operations Research, Physics, Statistics, Human Computer Interaction, & Industrial Engineering.
• Must be a college undergraduate student in at least the third year
• Must be a woman or a member of a minority group underrepresented in the sciences: African American., Hispanic/Latino American, or Native American
• Must not graduate prior to the summer of the research experience
• Must be a U. S. citizen or permanent resident.
Contact: AT&T Labs, Undergraduate Research Program Administrator, Room D32-A04
200 Laurel Ave., Middletown, NJ 07748, 
The Gates Millennium Scholars
The Gates Millennium Scholars Program is available to graduating high school seniors. It provides
substantial scholarship awards to exceptional minority high school seniors for full-time study at the college
of their choice.
• Must be a graduating high school senior
• Must have a minimum 3.3 GPA
• Must be a US citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States
• Must be a member of an under-represented group: African American, American Indian/Alaska , Asian
Pacific Islander, or Hispanic/Latino American
• Must demonstrate significant financial need (Meet the federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria)
Contact: Gates Millennium Scholars Program, P.O. Box 1434, Alexandria VA 22313, (877) 690-GMSP,
Jackie Robinson Scholarship Program
The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides 4-year college scholarships for up to $6000 annually to minority
students to attend the college of their choice.
• Must be a US citizen
• Must be a minority student (African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino American or Native American)
• Must be a graduating high school senior at the time of application
• Must be accepted to an accredited 4-year college or university
• Must have an SAT of 900 or above or and ACT of 23 or higher
• Must demonstrate financial need and leadership potential
Contact: (212) 290-8600,, e-mail:

The LAGRANT FOUNDATION offers annual scholarships to currently enrolled college freshmen,
sophomores, and juniors to assist them with the completion of their education.

• Must be a US citizen and a member of one of the following ethnic groups: African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino American or Native American
• Must be a fulltime student at a four-year accredited institution carrying a total of 12 units or more per semester/quarter.
• Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA
• Must major in public relations, marketing, or advertising
Contact: The LAGRANT FOUNDATION, 555 S Flower Street, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2300,
Microsoft Internship Program
This program is open to students currently underrepresented in the field of computer science to pursue
technical degrees
• Must be African American, Asian America, Hispanic/Latino American or Native American.
• Must be full-time students who are making satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related technical discipline, such as math or physics, with a demonstrated interest in computer science
• Must have a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA
Contact: Microsoft Scholarship Program, Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA
Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship
This program is open to upper-division undergraduates or graduate students. The purpose of the Minorities
in Government Finance Scholarship is to recognize outstanding performance by minority students
preparing for careers in state and local government finance.
• Must be a full-or part-time upper-division undergraduate or graduate student
• Must belong to one of the following ethnic groups: African American, Native American,
• Aleut, Eskimo, Asian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino American
• Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Canada
• Must plan to pursue a career in state or local government finance
• Must have a recommendation by student’s academic advisor or department chair (undergraduate students) or dean of the graduate program (graduate students)
Contact: Scholarship Committee, Government Finance Officers Association, 203 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2700, Chicago, IL 60601-1210, (312) 977-9700
Society of Women Engineers
The Society of Women Engineers offers support to female minority students studying computer science or
engineering who are attending or planning to attend an institution that is SWE approved or has an
accredited Board of Engineering and Technology program.
• Must be a female
• Must be African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino American, or Native American
• Must demonstrate academic achievement and leadership experience or potential
Contact: Society of Women Engineers World Headquarters, 230 East Ohio Street, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60611, (312) 596-5223,
The UNCF/Institute for International Public Policy Fellowship Program
The Institute for International Public Policy was established in 1994 with a grant from the U.S. Department
of Education. The grant represents a direct response to the identified national need to create a more diverse
talent pool of well-trained, language-proficient professionals from which U.S. international affairs agencies
and organizations can draw highly qualified personnel.
• Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
• Must be part of the underrepresented minority: African American, Hispanic/Latino American, Asian American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander
• Must be a full-time student in their sophomore year of college
• Must have a minimum 3.2/4.0 GPA
• Must have a strong interest in a career in international service
Contact: Helen N. Ezenwa, Program Manager/External Affairs, Institute for International Public Policy,
2750 Prosperity Ave., Suite 600, Fairfax, VA 22031-8044, (703) 205-7653 or (800) 530-6232